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Posted on: April 21, 2015

Enforcement regarding illegal shade structures.

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The City of San Luis has adopted a series of national codes related to construction which provide for the safety, health and welfare of citizens living and working throughout the City. These codes actually set the minimum standards for construction to be considered safe. Code Enforcement is the staff of the City charged with enforcing these codes and others.

Over the last several months, quite a number of people have, without a permit, built shade-type structures. Proper permits must be obtained and proper zoning setbacks must be met for any carports and shade structure additions. Carports and shade structures are addressed the same as a covered patio, and engineered plans may be required.
Metal frame structures with shade cloth or plastic tops are buildings as per the building code and do require a building permit. The City of San Luis Zoning Ordinance requires that structures in residential area setback at least seven (7) feet from the side property lines, twenty (20) feet from front property lines, and ten (10) feet from rear property lines. If your house is located on a corner lot, then the Zoning Ordinance also requires ten (10) feet setback from the side street.

The City of San Luis Arizona seeks your voluntary compliance with the San Luis City code and we ask that if you are a property owner that has built a shade-type structure without a permit, please contact the City of San Luis Building Safety Division. If your property is in violation please expect a letter requesting you or your representative to perform the following actions:

1. Request that the property owner applies for a building permit, provided that the structure is not built in a required setback area, or;

2. Request that the existing structure shall be removed and the premises shall be maintained free from all unsafe or illegal structures.
Code enforcement officers work to maintain an attractive, safe community, which helps improve both property values and the quality of life of those in the community. Thank you for your efforts in beautifying our community and preserving our neighborhoods.

If additional information is required, please contact the City of San Luis Safety Division at (928) 341-8565. The office location is 1090 E. Union Street, San Luis, Arizona.

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